Gallant Cove Aussies

Our goal is to raise healthy, beautiful Aussies. Their physical beauty is clearly apparent. They are loyal to their families, and are easily trained.

Customer Comments

Quotes There are simply no words to properly express the thanks owed to Gallant Cove Aussies for allowing us to make "Tallulah" a part of our family! Right from the beginning, Vannieca very patiently answered all our questions and didn't hesitate to send pictures. When we visited their outstanding kennel, she sat with us as long as we needed to select our baby. She intuitively told us that we would not pick the puppy, the puppy would pick us. Oh, was she ever right! Tallulah is the love of our lives! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also the most loving, well-behaved dog we have ever had the pleasure of owning. Gallant Cove Aussies truly breeds one-of-a-kind dogs! Susan Quotes
My Heart!

Quotes "SKYE" Our Blue Merle female, she was born just over a year ago. From the first time we contacted Gallant Cove we knew they were the breeders we wanted to partner with for our next dog. The professionalism and customer service skills are unparalleled and their facilities are top of the line. Only being a couple of hours from the breeders, we took the opportunity to see the puppy we had picked and the breeding grounds she was coming from. Gallant Cove opened their doors to us and we were blown away with the amount of time, effort, and finances they put into making the facility so nice, it was evident that they strived to be the best. When it was time to pick Skye up and take her home, they were very accommodating. When we got her home, we knew that we had chosen then right dog and breeder. She is unbelievably smart and has all of the natural herding skills of an Australian Shepherd. Skye 6/3/2014-(Sydney-Swagger pup) Quotes
Blake, Candice & Skye Stewart
"We Couldn't Be Happier With Our Decision"

Quotes Hi Vannieca, We wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Foster (Blue Merle Male). He is absolutely the best dog imaginable. He is so happy, he smiles all the time, and he is so so smart! He was ringing the bell to go potty at 4 months! He walks totally off the leash now. He plays with our cats and loves people and other dogs! He is loved by everyone wherever we go. Honestly he is brilliant! We would love another dog from you! We want a companion for Foster.. Thanks again for taking such good care of Foster when he was born and before he came to live with us. We know love and care very early on is vital to a healthy and happy dog. Quotes
Penny of Atlanta, GA
The Best Aussie Imaginable-Blue Merle Male-Foster (Tonka/Sierra)

Quotes First and foremost we have to say Thank You Vannieca for the most incredible experience. From day one when we decided to get our Bella Cheyenne,, she made sure we stayed connected to our new baby through pictures and emails. Vannieca made us feel like she was truly as excited as we were about getting Cheyenne, And Cheyenne, WOW! One of the most beautiful Aussies we have ever seen. Smart too! She has stolen the hearts of our entire family and we are looking forward to many years of memories we are going to make together. We would highly recommend Gallant Cove Aussies to anyone who is straddling the fence about where to get their new family member! Quotes
Ron & Robin White of Panama City, Florida
Cheyenne, Our Red Tri Girl

Quotes Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, about three years ago I bought a Blue merle from Gallant Cove named Cutter. I just wanted to let you all know that we are so happy with him! He is the most loving and joyful dog in the world and is a perfect example of why dogs are man's best friend! Thank you so much for bringing him into my life and hopefully one day we will gain another best friend from your kennel! Thank you and God bless! Quotes
Kyle Drury
Thanks for a healthy pup!!!

Quotes I adopted a beautiful female Aussie online, her picture online just stole our hearts. Her name is Paris, we fell in love with her pictures so we went ahead and adopted her, she has turned out to be a blessing to our family. She is beyond beautiful. She is so intelligent and very well socialized. She loves all pets and people, she is so loving and kind. I have another Aussie and the breed is just great. I would recommend an Aussie to anyone looking for a special pet. Paris is a happy, healthy dog and we feel very lucky to have her in our family. I can't say enough kind words about the breeder, Vannieca, she is kind and truly cares about her dogs, we have kept in touch. She loves seeing Paris growing up, She is a special person, thank you, Leslie McGonagle Quotes
Leslie McGonale

Quotes hi, just wanted to drop you a note to say that you raise some incredible dogs!!! Lhotse is such a wonderful boy-he is charming and smart. In our dog class last night he really was a shining star-not just b/c he was able to do all that was asked of him but his ability to get along w/ all the other dogs and their owners and kids....he is a very loveable, interactive boy and I wanted you to know how much he adds to my life but others as well...... robin Quotes
Robin of Salt Lake City, Utah
Llhotse my STAR!

Quotes Hi Vannieca, We have had Miss Ali for about a year now and and I just wanted to give you an update on everything, she is honestly the best dog/ companion we have ever had! Noah can play with her, lay on her, snuggle her and even be a rough boy with her and she just gives him kisses the whole time. She is so obedient and just loves to play so much :) her favorite toys are the ball, the frisbee and anything snuggly! I am currently pregnant again, 6 months with a girl, and I honestly think she can tell because she always lays next to me or lays her head on my stomach. We just adore her and she fits so perfectly into our family, thank you so much for a wonderful dog! I can't wait to see how she is with our baby girl because I Justin, Channa, Noah, & Allie McGee. Santa Rosa, California (May 2014) Quotes
Justin, Channa, & Noah McGee
Allie is 1 yr old

Quotes Hello Vannieca, We wanted you to update you about Baylor. Since we got him from you end of August last year, he has grown so much. He is definitely my 4th baby. He is a pretty big boy and weighs about 60lbs. The Kids enjoy him so much. I got to take a obedience class with him the last 8 weeks. He knew exactly when Wednesday night was and when we left for class. He does all the basic commands now. If he wants, he heals really fantastic. I am able to have him in a "sit-stay command and walk away from him and he will wait 'til i call him. I think he most enjoyed the week we had tunnels and obstacles set up for the to jump over. WE keep getting told what a wonderful and pretty dog we have and where we got him from. I also got told multiple times that we should start showing him. I am not so sure about that, but i think that's a great compliment! Thanks, Natalie Nunley (3/31/14) Quotes
The Nunley family of Dothan, AL
Baylor (Tonka/Sierra pup 7/21/13)

Quotes I have to say Lhotse is such a special puppy. He is my third Australian shepard and while they are all loveable-they are as different as night and day. Lhotse is quite the 'southern gentleman'-calm, polite and very loveable. He has come into our little family and won everyones hearts-even our older Aussie's-they play endlessly and I want to thank you for the gift of a very sweet, even tempered -beautful dog. I am including a few shots of him so you won't miss seeing him grow up b/c I know you have loved all the puppies you have raised-its evident in how well adjusted and loving they are-oh and a certain amount of credit goes to their momma and dad too!!!!! robin Salt Lake City, Utah March 2014 Quotes
Robin Waxman of Salt Lake City, Utah
My special lil Blu merle boy LHotse