Gallant Cove Aussies

Our goal is to raise healthy, beautiful Aussies. Their physical beauty is clearly apparent. They are loyal to their families, and are easily trained.

Customer Comments

Quotes I ADORE my Gallant Cove Aussie puppy, Tris. You can tell by pictures/pedigree the excellent quality they are, but when I saw her in person I was still amazed. Not only is she the PERFECT Aussie, she is so well socialized and fearless. There is not hint of shyness in my baby girl! She has adjusted immediately and has already proved how smart she is. She is my dream dog! I have to say, I may end up with another Gallant Cove puppy in the future :) - Sam(Samantha) Tennessee Quotes
Samantha Walker
Tris, my DREAM dog!

Quotes Vannesia and her family gave us a new member to our family, which was just after we had to put our 15 year old Black Tri Aussie, Taffy to sleep. We now have an 8 week old red merle aussie named Shiloh May Smith. We have fallen in love with her. She has helped us heal. She is the most beautiful Aussie I have seen besides Taffy. Shiloh suits her nature, she is a well rounded playfull puppy. It is hard starting over the loss of Taffy but Vannessia helped us remember what to do with a puppy. My kids and my husband and I love her so much! Thank you for helping us to find the most beautiful Aussie that is loved and spoiled rotten:) Smith family of Alabama Quotes
Bill & Michelle Smith of Alabama
Shiloh, she is a well rounded playfull puppy

Quotes It is clearly evident how much love and attention Koda received from Gallant Cove Aussie owners before he became part of our little family, because he is the most loving and well-behaved puppy I've ever met. She made the entire process so easy and enjoyable, Koda is the light of my life. He completely transformed my cat-loving boyfriend into a dog person. I've met other Aussie puppies yet none of them are as smart or handsome as my little man. We went to his first puppy class the other day, and he was the star pupil. I can't even begin to express my happiness that we chose Koda from Gallant Cove. . He is the smartest, quirkiest, most enthusiastic little puppy. Koda's intelligence combined with his beauty makes him a difficult puppy to own because everyone that meets him wants to take him home. He gets so much attention when we're out, and he loves every second of it. I can't imagine having chosen any other pup other than my Lil man, Koda! Quotes
Brittany of Gainesville, FL
Koda, my furry Lil baby boy.

Quotes My new puppy, Cami, is an absolute gem! Not only is she gorgeous (we can't go anywhere without everyone wanting to hold her and pet her.) She has the best personality and is so sweet and loving! Cami is so funny and loves to play! We all haven't stopped smiling since she got here, she brightens every moment! She is so incredibly well behaved, and already we can tell how intelligent she is. Vannieca and Ken made this such a simple and joyful process, they were more than happy to answer any question I had and were so thoughtful to send many pictures I will cherish. As soon as you meet a Gallant Cove Aussie, it is obvious that they were well socialized and so very, very loved. I can't imagine life without my new puppy and I could not be happier! Ashley Quotes
Ashley of Maryland
My "Cami"

Quotes I have to give a huge thank you to Vannieca for not only giving me the opportunity to own the cutest and most well behaved puppy, but for everything leading up to my purchase. She was very willing to communicate on a regular basis and is all about keeping her word. It was quite a trip just to get there for me but it was well worth it. Thanks and I definitely recommend getting your new family member from gallant cove aussies. You wont be disappointed! Quotes

Quotes My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years and we have only been without a dog for a total of two months during that time. We recently lost our 4 year old Westie and were devastated. I found Gallant Cove Australian Shepherds when we began to consider having another dog. We get to bring our Trudy home on August 3rd, 2013 and are so excited to begin working with and loving her. Thanks to Vannieca for making this decision very easy and exciting!!! Quotes
Debbie & Gary Austin of Cullman, AL.
Trudy our Roll Tide Girl

Quotes Thank you again for your kindness when we visited your home, these dogs are absolutely beautiful I was amazed at all the love and care I saw when we came to pick up Smokey Lee, you are top notch would highly recommend Gallant Cove to anyone. Thank you again, for our beautiful boy Quotes
Happy Mom

Quotes We have never bought a dog over the internet before and we were unsure of what to expect. Also never having traveled to the south before we have only heard of Southern Charm and hospitality. From our first email to Vannieca to the last text message we sent her today I feel like I want to move to the south as the warmth and happiness permeates in every conversation we had. As for our new family member, she is charismatic, loving, and everything I could have asked for from a dog and then more, oh and her coat is simply amazing! We are amazed at how quickly she has taken to our 2 year old, they are just inseparable. You can tell she was bred, and cared for with tender love and care. I am sure we will continue to send pictures and keep in touch. We couldn't be happier or have had a better experience. We couldn't say thank you enough!!! Quotes
Justin, Channa, and Noah of California
Allie goes to Santa Rosa, California

Quotes We are so pleased to have found Gallant Cove Australian Shepherds. Vannieca was willing to let us come out and see the facilities, meet the puppies, and the parents. We had a hard time finding the right breeder and are very lucky that we looked around. We especially love that she introduced them to different environments and had very clean kennels. Vannieca was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped us in our journey. We would recommend purchasing a puppy from her any day and will look to her again in the years to come. Quotes
Happy Family

Quotes We have had our vet check out our new puppy, He was described as "absolutely perfect"! Because of his unique appearance, we have name him Merlin. He is happy and healthy. We couldn't love him more. Gallant Cove Aussies, Thanks! Quotes
Barbara Coltry
Merlin (Blue Merle Male)