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Our goal is to raise healthy, beautiful Aussies. Their physical beauty is clearly apparent. They are loyal to their families, and are easily trained.

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Quotes Thanks For Such A Great Puppy. I Had Her Tested. Her Test Results Are Below. She Is Doing Well. I Had This Test Done Because 2 Other Puppies I Took To The Vet For Vaccinations And Heart Worm Prevention Died A Week Later. They Were Given Advantage Multi Which I Suspect Killed Them. The Necropsy Is Not Complete Yet. But Parvo And Any Other Illnesses Were Ruled Out. Thanks Again, Butch Ortego MDR1 GENOTYPING RESULTS 4/12/2013 8:45:10 AM MDR1 - 32730 Berchman Ortego Eunice, LA Submission Type: Brush Dog Name: Lilly Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd Test Result: Normal/Normal Quotes
Butch Ortego
Thanks for a healthy pup!!!

Quotes We are so blessed to have found piper on gallant cove Australian shepherds website! She has been one of the best most beautiful dogs I have ever owned. The breeder was such a pleasure business with and we could truly tell they took very of there puppies. she was so healthy when we got her! I would absolutely recommend gallant cove Australian shepherds to anyone who is wanting to own an Australian shepherd! Quotes

Quotes We Love Our Beautiful New Puppy From Gallant Cove Aussies. Everybody Who meets Her Wants To Take Her Home. I Have Bought Aussies From Other Kennels Before But This Little Girl Is Already Showing Signs That She Is Going To Be A Very Special Dog. It Is Evident That The Owners At Gallont Cove Aussies Put A Lot Into Their Dogs. I Recommend Them To Anyone Who Is Looking For An Aussie. Quotes
Butch Ortego
Very Happy Customer

Quotes Gallant Cove Australian Shepherds is absolutely wonderful! I am so pleased with my new puppy. He is amazing!! I would definitely recommend Gallant Cove Aussies to anyone interested in an Aussie. They are amazing people and love their dogs! I could not have chosen a better breeder! Thank you Gallant Cove Australian Shepherds! August 15, 2012 Quotes
Kyle Drury of Columbus, Ga.
Cutter my Blue Merle Male of Gallant Cove's Aussies

Quotes SKYE- "Our puppy, Skye, was born just over a year ago. From the first time we contacted Gallant Cove we knew they were the breeders we wanted to partner with for our next dog. The professionalism and customer service skills are unparalleled and their facilities are top of the line. Only being a couple of hours from the breeders, we couldn't turn down the opportunity to see the puppy we had picked (though many pictures were shared along the way) and the breeding grounds she was coming from. Gallant Cove opened their doors to us and we were blown away with the amount of time, effort, and finances they put into making the facility so nice, it was evident that they strived to be the best. When it was time to pick Skye up and take her home, they were very accommodating, meeting us very close to where we live, and bringing along a sheet that her mom had slept on to help the transition process seamless for her. When we got her home, we knew that we had chosen then right dog and breeder. Quotes
Blake, Candice & Skye Stewart
Went the Extra Mile!

Quotes -Blake and Candice Stewart Skye 6/3/2014 (Sydney/Swagger pup) Quotes
Blake, Candice & Skye Stewart
Couldn't Be Happier

Quotes Thanks again to Gallant Cove Aussies! Foster has turned out to be the best dog I have ever owned. August 16, 2012 Quotes
Landon of Auburn, AL.
The best dog I've ever owned, Black Tri Male
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